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Why Allkind Joinery Uses Centor Bifold Door Hardware

Master craftsmen recognise and respect fine quality and craftsmanship wherever they find it. That’s why the master cabinet makers at Allkind Joinery Brisbane use Centor door hardware on their popular timber bifold doors. If you’ve been thinking about joining the trend towards bringing the…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Queensland Timber Industry at Forefront of Environmental Responsibility

The timber industry often takes the blame for the degradation of Australian forests, but a closer look reveals the truth: no one is more concerned about the sustainability of timber supplies than the industry that relies on timber for its livelihood.
A recent article in the Brisbane Courier Mail…
Read More Here…Queensland Timber Industry at Forefront of Environmental Responsibility
Written by Rob Schneider

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Tips for Shopping for Joinery Products

Not all joineries are alike. Some large joineries specialise in certain products for the commercial market while some small “backyard” joineries would better be described as cabinet or furniture making businesses. In between, there are a few long established businesses that owe their success…
Read More Here…Tips for Shopping for Joinery Products
Written by Rob Schneider

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