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Replacing Old Windows with New Timber Windows

Allkind Joinery has been making timber windows for the better part of half a century. The difference between Allkind Joinery and most window manufacturers is that their creative craftsmen know how to think outside the box. While they offer cost-effective solutions with their Renovators Range of…
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Written by Richard Travers

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Transforming Your Bathroom with Timber

The trend in bathrooms today is away from the slick-surfaced, institutional look of traditional tiled bathrooms towards a more natural look. What could be more natural than timber?
The trend towards the natural look in bathrooms began with natural healing spas, where all natural ingredients are…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Make it Wood, Make it Good

Did you know that the inaugural World Wood Day was launched in March of 2013? Unfortunately, the day passed unnoticed by most of the world this year, but is likely to catch on in years to come.
The reason for the launch of World Wood Day was to raise public awareness of the ecological advantages…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Contemporary and Traditional Front Door Designs

When the team at Allkind Joinery Brisbane moved from Brooks Joinery and established Allkind Joinery in 1970, they had already established their name as master timber craftsmen and designers. Arguably, their contemporary and traditional front door designs were a big part of the reason why Allkind…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Trends in Timber Bathrooms

Ask an interior designer what’s trendy today and they’ll tell you it’s bathrooms. For too long relegated to the status of utilitarian “water closets,” bathrooms have been redefined as “mini spas,” and are taking their design cues from the bathrooms found in better tropical resorts….
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Red Gold: Why Cabinet Makers Love Australian Cedar

Back in 1985, I was having lunch with a friend at his rickety old picnic table outside his home in Bondi. “The table came with the house,” he said apologetically and told me I was welcome to dismantle it and use the timber “if it was worth it.” There must have been 5 coats of old paint…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Fine Timber Joinery Demands Fine Timbers

There’s no way to get around it: you can have the best equipment in the world and a high standard of workmanship, but if fine timber joinery is not combined with fine timbers, the results will be less than satisfactory. That’s why Allkind Joinery Brisbane is uncompromising about the timbers…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Queensland Timber Industry at Forefront of Environmental Responsibility

The timber industry often takes the blame for the degradation of Australian forests, but a closer look reveals the truth: no one is more concerned about the sustainability of timber supplies than the industry that relies on timber for its livelihood.
A recent article in the Brisbane Courier Mail…
Read More Here…Queensland Timber Industry at Forefront of Environmental Responsibility
Written by Rob Schneider

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