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Replacing Old Windows with New Timber Windows

Allkind Joinery has been making timber windows for the better part of half a century. The difference between Allkind Joinery and most window manufacturers is that their creative craftsmen know how to think outside the box. While they offer cost-effective solutions with their Renovators Range of…
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Written by Richard Travers

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Renovating Your Living Room with Timber Windows & Doors

You’ve been through the usual list of living room renovation ideas. A fresh coat of paint helped, but it wasn’t enough to transform your living room into a room you really wanted to live and entertain in. You looked at furniture, but decided the cost of new furniture was too high in…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Ventilating Timber Windows and Doors – the Cure for Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a term used to describe a variety of health problems associated with “sick” buildings – buildings that contain high levels of air contaminants. In some countries, SBS is called Tight Building Syndrome or Closed Building Syndrome. These more descriptive terms are th…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Why Choose Solid Timber Doors and Windows?

Solid timber doors have become rare in Australia. It started in the post war years, when mass production replaced custom joinery and housing developments replaced custom-built homes. There were sound economic reasons for the change: Aussie battlers needed to save money wherever they could. There…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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How to Recognise Quality Carpentry & Joinery Services

We live in a competitive world. In order to survive, any business needs to put its best foot forward and advertise its services to the public. This is fine, but it puts the onus of responsibility on the consumer to separate the wheat from the chaff. This can be especially tricky when you’re l…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Timber Sashless Windows: An Elegant Alternative

The hot trend in interior design today is the “minimalist” look. Inspired by the art movement of the same name, it strips everything down to the bare essentials, creating a clean, crisp appearance. The problem with the look is that it can look cold and impersonal if not done tastefully….
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Renovators Range of Joinery Products Just Gets Better and Better

The Allkind Joinery Brisbane Renovators Range of joinery products just seems to be getting better and better. It all started with their range of timber doors. That proved to be so popular, Allkind Joinery decided to add timber windows to their list of offerings. Now you can find all the timber…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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5 Reasons Why Timber Joinery Products are Better

Timber has a lot of competition today. Steel frame manufacturers push the benefits of steel. Aluminium window suppliers speak glowingly about the benefits of their products. Even PVC doors and decking materials are available that “look just like the real thing.” Here are 5 reasons why timber…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Red Gold: Why Cabinet Makers Love Australian Cedar

Back in 1985, I was having lunch with a friend at his rickety old picnic table outside his home in Bondi. “The table came with the house,” he said apologetically and told me I was welcome to dismantle it and use the timber “if it was worth it.” There must have been 5 coats of old paint…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Queensland Timber Industry at Forefront of Environmental Responsibility

The timber industry often takes the blame for the degradation of Australian forests, but a closer look reveals the truth: no one is more concerned about the sustainability of timber supplies than the industry that relies on timber for its livelihood.
A recent article in the Brisbane Courier Mail…
Read More Here…Queensland Timber Industry at Forefront of Environmental Responsibility
Written by Rob Schneider

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