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History of Allkind Joinery and Brisbane Architecture

History of Allkind Joinery and Brisbane Architecture

Allkind Joinery has a long and distinguished history, but in a very real way, this Brisbane joinery is also part of Brisbane’s greater history. Home to some of Australia’s finest architecture, including Customs House and St. Stephen’s Cathe…
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Written by Richard Travers

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The Timber Kitchen and Bathroom Revolution

There’s a quiet revolution in timber kitchen and bathroom design taking place. Like all revolutions, it can be summed up in a single word. In this case, the word is “minimalist” and we see it everywhere. So what does this minimalist revolution look like? Well, first of all, it’s…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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Since the Industrial Revolution, a number of natural and man made materials have been used as replacements for timber joinery products. Whilst some of them do have some advantages over timber, nothing yet has been able to replace timber. There’s just something about natural timber that makes…
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Written by Rob Schneider

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